Let’s start with the basics

So you want to go to a convention.

Doesn’t matter what kind–could be a convention devoted to anime and gaming, sci-fi and fantasy, a specific TV show, whatever. And that’s awesome! Being a self-proclaimed nerd? Seriously fun.

The problem? Maybe you’ve never been to any sort of convention. Maybe you’ve been to some small ones and you’re about to go to the Great King Holy Mother of all conventions (also known as San Diego Comic Con) and you don’t know what to expect. Maybe your friend is dragging you along and you’re wondering what madness you’ll encounter.

You’re almost guaranteed to encounter craziness at conventions–the best kind of crazy–be it a Minecraft creeper chasing a cosplayer down the hall, or a twelve foot tall alien looking creature, or a rather hairy middle-aged man dressed up as an anime style school girl.

Whether you’ve been to all sorts of conventions or you have no idea what you’re doing, this blog is dedicated to all things conventions: what to expect with various things, preparation, cost, meeting celebrities, cosplay, what people want to see in panels, what people don’t want to see in panels, who’s who and what’s what and why are those people dressed up in pink animal mascot suits when it’s ninety degrees outside?


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